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Main article: Transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil . Bahia, probably for political reasons—to please the inhabitants of the colony's first capital, which had . "Establishing in Brazil the seat of a monarchy, the regent ipso facto abolished the .

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    • Self-Denial in Federalizing Power
      James Otis, The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved [1664] . regarding the laws it could pass affecting American colonists and ipso facto could levy taxes . supply depots, transit and transfer points, etc., in the thirteen colonies.

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    • New York Act of Attainder
      Persons by name, Ipso Facto, attainted of the offence of adhering to the . earl of Dunmore, formerly governor of the colony of New York; William Tryon, Esq., late . to transfer their improvements, until the fee simple of the said lands shall be .

      taxes and transferred to the state automatically, "ipso facto," transferred to the . instances, as the western lands of the colony of Virginia, sometimes pre-date .


      Such corporations received fee simple title to the transferred land, and no federal restrictions . We noted that the Federal Government had created the Colony by . Georgia, supra, at 17, and thus ipso facto under the superintendence of the .


    • Federal Jurisdiction
      Outside of the common bond of each being a dependency and colony of the . of the constitution ipso facto falls within the exclusive legislation of Congress, and . under the constitution, to the transfer to the general government, with the title, .

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    • Fort Langley, the Birthplace of British Columbia
      By an Act of the British parliament passed in August , 1858, the new Colony . Next morning the party was transferred to the Hudson Bay Company's . Majesty's commission as judge in the colony of British Columbia (ipso facto Chief Justice).

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    2012 June « ipsofactodotme
    Jun 21, 2012 . What did the Parisians know about the Nazi penal colonies in 1940? . In 1943 Germaine Tillion was transferred to Ravensbruck which was .

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    IBS No. 150 - Mali (ML) & Niger (NG) 1975
    decree transferred parts of French Sudan to French Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Dahomey. . In 1902 the Governor of Senegal ceased to be the ipso facto Governor . In 1919 the colony of Upper Senegal and Niger was divided to form the colony .

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    the British Colonies and Protectorsites in which the Convention of. March 2, 1899 . Protection or authority ipso facto confers the bene?ts of the Conven- tion on British . in force at the time of such cession, sale, lease or transfer. ARTICLE V .

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    Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, the Slave ...
    (ii) The husband of a woman, his family, or his clan, has the right to transfer her . on board any vessel of a State Party to this Convention shall ipso facto be free.

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    Faith of Our Fathers Matthew Spalding - Catholic Apologetics Network
    the American colonies a legacy of Spanish missions and French Jesuits. Maryland . toleration of it would, <ipso facto>, threaten its establishment. Consider two . antiCatholic French Revolution a decade later further transferred. American .

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    CR&B Alert
    Ipso Facto Clause Results in Master Lease Termination, Nullifies . Second Creditor Out of Luck in Debtor's Fraudulent Transfer Scheme—Page 21. • Secured . Colony filed an emergency motion to dismiss Mezz II's bankruptcy case for bad .

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    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 (Citizenship): Shanks v. DuPont
    Thomas Scott, the ancestor and first purchaser, was a native of the colony of South . Her becoming a citizen of South Carolina did not, ipso facto, work any . put it beyond a doubt, that the Revolution transferred her allegiance to that state.

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    Ted Grant - Against the Theory of State Capitalism - Reply to ...
    It is slavery that has given the colonies their value; it is the colonies that have . a transfer to the sphere of social interchange, and ipso facto money circulation, .

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    Restriction of Legal Rights for Slaves in Virginia and Maryland, 1625 ...
    That colony also had manifestly far fewer slaves than Virginia. . of slavery, and whenever the slave acquires this right, his condition is ipso facto changed . . the transfer of Negro servants and a great deal of tobacco as part of the awards.

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    Claims to the Oregon Territory
    But this treaty, it has been argued, was ipso facto annulled in 1796, by the war . as such, without regard to the colonies of either kingdom ; but his arguments, . at all susceptible of transfer, and the right of colonizing amounting, if transferred, .

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    Faith of Our Fathers - EWTN
    At the start of the eighteenth century only two of the original thirteen colonies, Rhode Island . and that any toleration of it would, <ipso facto>, threaten its establishment. . (The antiCatholic French Revolution a decade later further transferred .

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    Genesis of Citizenship in Palestine and Israel
    Originally, this border was drawn up on a de facto basis, as the Ottoman . is that “the laws of a conquered or ceded Colony remain in force until they are altered. . of Palestine… will ipso facto become citizens of Palestine to the exclusion of any . by the local law, nationals of the State to which such territory is transferred .

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    Estate of Levine v. Commissioner
    Held, further, decedent realized gain upon the transfer of real estate, encumbered beyond its adjusted basis, to a trust for the . Tenants in common who rent their property are not ipso facto partners for tax purposes. . Old Colony Trust Co. v.

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    Thomas Jefferson - Autobiography
    The origination of these commees of correspondence between the colonies has . If he buys from his neighbor it is only a transfer of a labourer from one farm to . That suspended, ipso facto, their further importation for the present, and the .

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    IBS No. 171 - Cote D'Ivoire (IV) & Mali (ML) 1979
    The colonies of French Sudan and Ivory Coast were included in the federation of French . also the ipso facto Governor General of French West Africa.

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    Law Terms - Glossary of Legal Terms and Meanings
    Sep 22, 2011 . Alienate: Alienation is the transfer of title to property (lands and tenements) and . a body of laws, and are still followed in Britain and some of its erstwhile colonies. . Ipso Facto: Latin term, which means, "by the act itself".

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    Anti-semitism, Colonialism and Zionism - Victor Kattan Blog
    established colonies.5 Yet, even after all the appalling atrocities the Jews had been subjected . of residence and transferred to 'a central settlement fund', while the rest . as its functionaries they ipso facto abandon their former citizenship.

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    United States v. Ritchie - 58 U.S. 525 (1854) :: Justia US Supreme ...
    . settle private land claims in California, and for the transfer of a case decided by them . with the clerk of the district court should, ipso facto, operate as an appeal. . in the country at the time, and who adhered to the interests of the colonies.

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    83 U.S. 610
    The statute which authorizes the judge of the insolvent court thus to transfer the . and colonies, however distant, form a part of the territory of the parent state. . the property would have been ipso facto transferred to the assignee by the laws .

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ANN/Groong -- The Sevres Treaty - 08/10/1920
Any fully self- governing State, Dominion, or Colony not named in the Annex . 13, or 15, it shall ipso facto be deemed to have committed an act of war against all . of the jurisdiction of the Commission shall be transferred to the Commisssion .