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China - Tradition—persistence And Transition - Marriage and Family ...
The arranged marriage could ensure that criteria of strength, skill, and . opinion ever since Sung dynasty (A.D. 960–1279) prevented widows from remarrying.

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      It is used in the Jewish tradition when saying the prayer for the sanctification of the . Reminiscent of the weddings of the Sung dynasty, the partners sip the wine , .

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      Location:Home > Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony . a kind of sedan chair designed especially fo r weddings, became popular during the Tang Dynasty .

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      In the Tang Dynasty, tea was an indispensable gift in marriage. . Traditional Chinese wedding customs are considered as the foundation of rites in traditional.


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      There was a vigorous revival of Confucianism in the Song period. . Zhu Xi wrote commentaries to the Four Books of the Confucian tradition, which he . they would eventually gain a respected place in their family of marriage, and would be .


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      John W. Chaffee examines the marriages of imperial clanswomen in the Sung dynasty, thus shifting the focus from control of the throne to the use of marriage as .;;doc.view=print

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    • Chinese Wedding Customs and Tea
      Tea plays an important role in Chinese wedding rituals including betrothal, matchmaking, . Back in the Sung Dynasty, it was customary for the groom from a wealthy family to . This tradition stems from the immovable nature of the tea tree.

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