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Which Type of Drinks Are Bad for Men's Sexual Health? |
According to Healthy Fellow, mint tea is responsible for hormonal shifts and a reduction in testosterone. In males, mint tea affects androgens (sex hormones).

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    • Update Peppermint and Hairloss
      A published study reported that simply drinking 5 cups of Peppermint (spearmint) . In women their usage is not without significant age accelerating side effects, . a significant decrease in free testosterone and increase in luteinizing hormone, .

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    • Testosterone
      This negative effect of testosterone may be a reason why boys have 400percent more . "Large doses of peppermint may affect male libido by decreasing testosterone. . "Lee says is the only sure method of measuring "free testosterone .

      Spearmint Gum
      May 24, 2010 . A lot of research has taken place on whether spearmint affects the sperm . consuming spearmint does indeed affect the free testosterone level, .


    • Mentha spicata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      M. cordifolia (Spear Mint or Spearmint) is a species of mint native to much of Europe . 1 Description; 2 Cultivation and uses; 3 Health effects; 4 References; 5 Gallery . Its anti-androgenic properties reduce the level of free testosterone in the .


    • The Effects Of Testosterone On Baldness | LIVESTRONG.COM
      Jun 14, 2011 . Testosterone affects many body tissues, including skin and hair follicles. Although most . Muscles use free, or unbound, testosterone directly.

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    • Spearmint Tea May Help Women With Hirsutism
      "Previously, we investigated the effects of [peppermint] and [spearmint] herbal . All women showed a decrease in free testosterone (circulating hormone not .

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Spearmint herbal tea has significant anti-androgen effects in polycystic
Jul 7, 2009 . Free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30 day . Effects of peppermint teas on plasma testosterone, follicle- .