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Tips on How to Store Oil Paints
Tip 1: Often, I have oil paint left on my palette after a painting session. More importantly, I . I simply cover them with either another piece of waxed paper or another disposable palette, and freeze them. This will keep the palette longer. I have never . I use a seven-day plastic pill holder to store any leftover paint. When I am .

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    • Managing and Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste
      Clean, used antifreeze may be used as a substitute for the water that would . theater groups or schools may be able to put your leftover paint to good use.

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    • PaintCare
      Purchasing the right volume of paint eliminates the need to store or dispose/ recycle leftover paint and will save you money. When your painting project is .


    • Latex Paint - How To Information | eHow.com
      It will also allow any painted over hardware to function properly again. . recommends that consumers donate leftover paint to a local school or charity if . The label instructions on every can of latex paint clearly state "Do Not Freeze.

      How To Dispose of Paint and Cans - Recycling Paint - The Daily ...
      Here's how to dispose of, recycle and reuse leftover latex and oil paints. . A gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet with a single coat of paint, . that is out of reach for children and pets, and that won't get too hot, and won't freeze.

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    • Welcome to Green Houston -- www.greenhoustontx.gov
      Do you have left-over paint, or a half-empty bottle of anti-freeze in the garage? Make sure . Tree waste pick-up will alternate months with heavy trash pick-up.

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