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    • Ideal Mexico super 2 Pilot is going off - burnt thermocouple Video01 ...
      Jan 14, 2011 . Ideal Mexico super 2 Pilot is going off - burnt thermocouple Video01. unicuk . Watch Later Failed Flue Flow Test - Midfeathers Failedby .

      Mexico HE Manual - Ideal Heating
      mexico. Your Ideal installation and servicing guide. See reverse for mexico users guide . Dry Fire Thermistor, H9/L9 (Flue Gas Overheat) . Rc 1/2. Flow and Return Connections. 22mm copper 22mm copper 22mm copper 22mm copper .


    • Domestic Downloads
      Nov 3, 2011 . 03/11/2011 - VAILLANT turbomax flue. Download . 02/11/2011 - ROBINSON WILLEY FIREGEM VISA 2 DELUXE Black GCNo.32-170-03. Download . 01/11/ 2011 - IDEAL Mexico Super RS 440,450,460,470 inst. Download .


    • Ideal Mexico CF Central Heating Boilers Models numbers
      Ideal Mexico CF (Conventional Flue) Floor Standing central heating boilers, identified by the following G.C. Appliance No. (found on page 2 of the user instructions or page 3 of the installation guide): Mexico Super CF445 G.C. No. ... 41 392 81 .

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    Your existing flue may not be suitable for a modern condensing boiler . We're trying to find out what kind our boiler is (Ideal Mexico Super 2 model) but it's listed .

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    Oct 26, 2009 . COMBI 130 HE 80ECO 80 MAXFLUE COMBI 80e, COMBI 105e & COMBI INSTANT 105e. COMPACT . IDEAL 40/4. SOLO 2 40/ . MEXICO RS SUPER 70, 75P MEXICO SUPER 2 RS 40-60 SPRINT 80F (ONLY). MINI C 24 .

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    . are products available from ltd at super keen .

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    APP LIST latest April 2005
    . 2: 30-80PF GENESIS 80,96. COMBI 130 HE 80ECO, 80 MAXFLUE, MAXFLOW WM, MAXFLOW FS . IDEAL 40/4. SOLO 2 40/80RS . MEXICO RS SUPER 100, 125, 100P RS SUPER 80 MEXICO SUPER 2 RS/BF RS70, 75P. MEXICO RS .

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    Grant FLUE GUIDE JUN05 CDC-2480 . Ideal MEXICO SUPER CF 445-475 INSTAL & SERV CDC-2480 . Kinder DAKOTA INSTALL 2 CDC-2480 .

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    Gas and Electric Heating Appliances known to contain Asbestos
    Mar 9, 2010 . 2. UKASL 2007. Models which are Asbestos Manufacturer Models which contain Asbestos Free CREDA . 30 MKII MULTIGAS WITH FAN DILUTED FLUE 42-077 -16 R, G 30 MKII . CARADON IDEAL CONCORD COMPANION 44-392-21 G, R MEXICO . MEXICO SUPER CF30/40 41-415-26 MF MEXICO .

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    Gas News Forum: Manufacturers' Instructions
    Does anyone have the MI's for the Harvey Habridge Ltd Impala Super 2. . Regarding the listing for Ideal Mexico, WB Greenstar boilers (and several others but . heat exchanger got hot the oil began to run, which could cause flue products to .

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    Boiler Service Swindon | Central Heating Boilers in Swindon
    Job start date: Less than two months > Property type: House . Job description: To replace the current boiler Ideal Mexico Super > Property type: House .

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Sep 14, 2009 . 1997/8 super El Nino + Hong Kong Avian Flu panic. . Heat and drought are 2 things influenza really doenst like, thats why influenza does its thing . Mexican Flu epidemic develops under similar circumstances. . There always will be ideal circumstances for whatever pandemic somewhere in the world.