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Beginning at 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, doctors are able to use fetal . at day 22 post-conception, it is normal for the fetal heartbeat to be somewhat lower than . This rate continues to increase each week, topping out at 155 to 195 bpm at 9 .

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    • Why does your baby's heartbeat vary so much around 12 weeks ...
      Why does your baby's heartbeat vary so much around 12 weeks because the heartbeat was around 130 and now at 15 weeks it is . Also if you have a mild fever it will put up both your and your baby's heart-rate. . 120's would be the low end.

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    • Fetal Heart Beat - Mothering
      Jan 26, 2012 . I am wondering (if you've heard your baby's heartbeat) what was the beats per minute? . I'm 12 weeks and baby's heart rate was about 160. . Just like your own heartbeat, less activity in a fetus means lower heartbeat and .


    • Normal Fetal Heart Rate Chart
      Dec 23, 2011 . After 12 Weeks, 120-160 bpm (average 140 bpm) . If the heartbeat of the fetus is normal, chances of miscarriage are very low. A fetal heart rate .


    • Fetal Heart Beat - Pregnancy & Childbirth
      A baby's heart beat as heard by doppler. . In fact it starts out near 180 beats per minute (BPM) and around 12 weeks gestation settles into the normal range of .

      How To Use a Fetal Doppler | Baby Heartbeat Monitor
      If your fetal Doppler has an LCD heart-rate readout, do not try to read the display . Not hearing the heartbeat before 12-14 weeks is not a sign that anything is . whereas a fetal Doppler only uses a 2-3 Mhz probe at a much lower level of less .

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