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Storage shed plans page 14, glossary of terms
BLOCKING: A short piece of lumber (block of wood) set between two studs, joists, rafters . that envelops the exterior walls or roof frame prior to the cladding being fixed. . DRIP CAP: A molding placed on the exterior top side of a door or window . TRIMMER: Under stud; Framing member that is cut to fit between the bottom .

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      In early drafts of the design I used window widths that fit between studs. . a local window repairman for Accurate Dorwin came out to fix our window woes.

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      Batten (batts) – A narrow strip used to cover joints between boards or panels. . usually made up of a large center fixed unit and two flanking units at 30°,45° or 90° . Coupling – A fitting used to connect two lengths of pipes in a straight run. . Cripple – A short stud above or below a window or door opening; short studs .


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      Windows with rough openings of 22½ inches can fit between studs that are spaced 24 inches on- center. When this size window is used in conjunction with in- .


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      Cut a window around the niche's outline and tape down the edges of your work . Fit horizontal blocking between vertical studs, flush with the edges of the .,,20432471,00.html

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      . top side) when the Wall Frame has been squared, straightened and fixed in place. . CRIPPLE STUD: Short studs placed between the header / lintel and a top . than the actual window/door, that replaces wall studs to support the structure and . TRIMMER: Under stud; Framing member that is cut to fit between the bottom .

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Step 6: Remove the Studs. With the . Cut a piece of 2x4 lumber to fit between the studs at the top of the wall cutout. Draw two . Step 11: Fix any Irregularities .