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Dupli-Color :: Scratch Fix 2n1
Keep late-model, domestic and import cars, trucks, vans and SUV's looking new longer with . one (roller ball tip and taper-tip brush) provide precision and control to repair nicks, chips and scratches with ease. . NGSF031 - Gray Filler Primer .

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      When dry and clean, start filling in the scratch with thin layers of touch-up paint. ( use primer if you are down to the metal) Buy the correct touch-up paint, and a .

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    • How to Safely Remove Fine Scratches from Your Car's Paint | eHow ...
      It will seem that the product is actually "filling in" the hairline scratches, but it is actually removing . this method works quite well. my truck looks ss all over again .

      Car Scratch Repair Tips and Quick Fixes : Car Repair
      Jul 4, 2006 . Trucks · Vehicle Inspection · Warranties. Tips and Tricks: Car Care . However, if you're small scratch looks more like a tree branch than a stick; it's time . Car scratch repair requires a couple of research steps before you can .


    • How do you get scratches off your cell phone
      How do you get scratches off a cell phone screen? You can go to a special shop and have the scratches filled in. If they are small scratches. How do you get .


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