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Heat Dissipation in Wearable Computers Aided by Thermal - CiteSeer
heat dissipation that may in uence the design of a wearable computer. . to provide quick approximations for calculating heat loss and the reader should .

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    • Noise Control and Heat Dissipation
      Estimating a design's heat dissipation is harder, partly because the waste-heat emission of a PC's subsystems tends to vary in a more complex way than the .

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    • Thermal management of electronic devices and systems - Wikipedia ...
      Techniques for heat dissipation can include heatsinks and fans for air . can be used to calculate the dynamic heat dissipation capability of a device, . Many companies now compete to offer the best heat sink for PC overclocking enthusiasts.


    • HDD Diet: Power Consumption and Heat Dissipation
      Jul 11, 2005 . The problem of power consumption and heat dissipation in modern computer . But the object of this article is another computer element, critical to . So we shall use them to calculate power consumption for each operating .


    • Radiator Heat Dissipation Testing | Overclockers
      This article will describe the results of comparative heat dissipation . for the aquarium/utility pumps used by almost all computer water cooling systems; they . to estimating the performance of others of similar construction and materials.

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    • Power Supply Engineer's Guide to Calculate Dissipation for - Maxim
      Dec 26, 2002 . This is especially true for notebook computers, an environment where heatsinks, fans, heatpipes, and other means of disposing heat are typically reserved for the CPU itself. Thus, the . Calculating MOSFET Power Dissipation .

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HP Power Advisor Utility: a tool for estimating power requirements ...
Accurately estimating the power consumption of a server rack can define power . distribution, power redundancy, and battery backup requirements for computer . The amount of power a device turns into work and dissipates as heat is known .