daylight spot incandescent lamp 75w

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daylight spot incandescent lamp 75w & Definitions

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    • Energy - CFLs - Frontier Housing
      Just one CFL in place of a 75W incandescent bulb can save approximately . Bulbs rated at 3500-6500K have labels such as “natural,” “daylight” or “bright white .

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    • CFL Bulb Review: Best CFL Bulbs to Replace Incandescent | Five ...
      Sep 9, 2008 . Some bulbs are labeled as “daylight”, or “cool, natural light” — this sounds a lot . This is especially true for recessed flood, or spot lights, usually . A “Standard” 75W incandescent bulb produces about 1100 lumens, so the .


    • Fluorescents :: Automotive Products :: Bayco Products
      13 Watt Rough Duty Fluorescent Work Light w/ Spot Work Light & Tool Tap. Features . Equivalent to 75w incandescent bulb. :: Natural daylight illumination - 6500 degrees Kelvin. :: Polarized plug w/ . Clear Polycarbonate top for spot- lighting .


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    • Day Blue Light Incandescent Bulb 75W
      Aug 7, 2012 . Day Blue Light Incandescent Bulb 75W-Day Blue Light Incandescent Bulbs . Sun Glo Neodymium Daylight Basking Spot Lamp 50 Watt .

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Just picked up two of the Sylvania 14 watt, 1100 lumen LED bulbs, stated to be . The LED bulbs appear yellower, while the 100 watt incandescent has . A 27watt, $3.99 daylight CFL throws a lot of light for the money and you . A bathroom light is an idea place for LEDs especially if you can get a very .