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Fiscal Devaluations?
May 23, 2012 . nominal exchange rate devaluation in a dynamic New Keynesian open economy envi- ronment. . cheaper relative to foreign goods.

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    • Problem Set # 6 Solutions
      Because prices are not affected, the nominal exchange rate follows the real . which overcomes the unpopularity of its exports by making them cheaper. b.

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    • Why Real Exchange Rates?
      Most people are familiar with the nominal exchange rate, the price of one currency in . purchased more cheaply in one country than in the other. It would make .

      15.012 Lecture 9, Theories of nominal exchange rates: Short-run ...
      Nominal Exchange Rate . Nominal Ex. Rate = E = price of one currency in terms of another . Intuion: If ? PUS /PBR ? US is expensive Brazil cheap? buy .


    • Lecture 2: Exchange Rate Basics
      and the Canadian dollar is 0.9 $/C$ does not make Japanese goods seem particularly cheap. • This is because the nominal exchange rate is not the only .


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    • Understanding Interest Rates
      Interest rates affect stock market, borrowing decisions by households, firms, . Interest rate often called by other names: yield, YTM, YTC, discount rate, rate of . and the important difference between nominal interest rates and real interest rates .

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Mundell–Fleming model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
where NX is net exports, e is the nominal exchange rate (the price of domestic . The depreciation makes local goods cheaper compared to foreign goods, and .