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Patten Bar Shoe - AFA Certified Farrier by the Am
This older Thorobred gelding bowed a tendon in his left front foot in the Fall of . The purpose of the shoe is to change the horse's behavior by lifting the heel .

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    • How to Treat a Bowed Tendon on a Horse |
      Years ago, a horse with a bowed tendon was either euthanized or put out to . have the horse stand with the injured leg in the bucket, or use a medical boot filled .

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    • Equi-Stim Leg Saver : Hoof Treatment : Horse Abscess : OCD ...
      We are now ready to start shipping our LEG SAVER® Icing Boots System. . Our product is a remarakably effective treatment for Bowed Tendon and Check .

      Bowed Tendon in Horses
      Bowed Tendon - A simple mis-step caused my horse Annapolis to re-bow the tendon that ended his racing career. By Jayne Pedigo for . Re: the bell boot blues .


    • Bowed Tendon - A Quick & Easy Effective Treatment
      But, the good news is - I can tell you how to treat your horse's tendon injury in quick, easy steps! Bowed tendon are two words that strike dread in horse owners .


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    • Equine Bowed Tendon Treatment |
      Equine Bowed Tendon Treatment. Tendonitis, sometimes called bowed tendon, in the horse refers to tears in the digital flexor tendons. The location of the tear is .

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Runners Relief for tendon injury for the barrel racing quarter horse. . It aids in the healing of bowed tendons, suspensory and check ligament injuries, arthritis, .